PACK INCLUDES: 5 Meal Base Pouches plus one bonus Butter Chicken

Each Meal Base Feeds Four: (JUST ADD MEAT or VEGE to your preference)


POUCHES: 2 x 400g Butter Chicken meal bases plus 1 each of 400g Pasta Pomodoro (herb, tomato and onion base - ideal for spag bol, meat balls, lasagna base), 400g Tex Mex (Mexican spices, tomato and onion, ideal for chilli concarn, tacos, nachos, enchiladas), Kashmir Curry base (ideal for Kashmir chicken curry, curried sausages, potato & cauliflower vege curry, fish curry etc), 400g Beef Stroganoff base (ideal for Classic Beef Strog, Stroganoff Pie and more).

UHT CREAM: 1 x 1L long-life Cooking Cream.

COCONUT CREAM: 1 x 200ml Coconut Cream.

BASMATTI RICE: 1 kg Super Basmati Rice.

PAPARDELLE: 500g Papardelle Pasta.

6 Meal Bases - plus Rice, UHT Cream, Coconut Cream, Pasta.